A friend just sent me this article posted a year ago, about Irish slaves. I studied this as a main theme in my novel Sharavogue, but the picture was even uglier than I painted it. Great information here.

It’s Not the House, It’s the Family.

It’s Not the House, It’s the Family.

A lovely little story about family from my writing friend Fran Tunno. Merry Christmas, everyone!

At Fran's Table

My brother just sent me a story from the Wall Street Journal about a family from Pittsburgh dealing with their first Christmas without their parents. It touched me because it could have been about our family. Their tree from the ’60s looked like a more attractive version of ours, and they had family traditions too. They made jello salads and barbecue ham sandwiches with homemade buns for Christmas, and we are fish cooking/eating maniacs on Christmas Eve.

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